Brief History

Atlantic Surf Co was started in Table View by Anton Fourie in 1995. The shop was small but we had a passion for what we did and loved it. If was so full of stock you could hardly move, but we had a joll!

Craig Gerber a hot underground body boarder (Drop Knee King) joined the shop in the late 90’s. Trevor (Splinter) Kemp joined the shop in the early 2000’s. Andre (Mad Dog) Fowler  shortly after Trevor and together we’ve built up Atlantic Surf to where it is today.

Atlantic Surf Today

Atlantic Surf Co has come a long way since its humble beginnings.
We are one of the very few real surf shops left in Cape Town. We cater for surfers, body boarders, windsurfers and kite surfers. Atlantic Surf specializes in wetsuits and is currently one of the leading wetsuit stores in the country. We also have a wide range of clothing and ladies costumes on offer.

Lance's Left


Anton started paddle skiing in 1976 at Big Bay. (Back then they used rugby jerseys and beaver tail diving suits for warmth !) He started surfing in 1981 and saw windsurfing for the first time. He became totally hooked on windsurfing after hooking into the harness for the first time and feeling the acceleration of the board. He fell in love with the ocean and spent as much time in it as he could. Anton studied personnel management for four years and started the Fury Surfboard factory in Cape Town in 1987 during this time. He’s shaped and laminated thousands of surfboards, windsurf boards and paddleskies.



Andre shapes boards from the shop and has become an accomplished shaper with hundreds of his ADon boards being used locally and internationally.