Relaunch Assist


It has a much flatter span than the C-kites and this will improve the kite in terms of raw power, efficiency, wind range, turning speed, handling, and most importantly de-power….

The flatter Pro Span Extreme arc kites needs less surface area to deliver the same power as a much bigger conventional arc kite.

Less is more?


* Greater lifting capacity
* More power for it?s size
* Increased efficiency
* Flatter arc


* Instant relaunch
* Launch easily on water
* Bigger wind range
* Safer

The kite’s bridle makes relaunching off the water easy. When the kite is leading edge down on the water, just pull on either the left or right leader line.

The wing tip will rise off of the surface and allow the rider to position the kite into the side launch position. This is all possible without the use of a 5th line or additional wind tip fittings.

Sprint Technology

Single point inflation system

The unique single point rapid inflation system helps you to get on the water quicker.

Just pull the kite out of the bag, hook the pump to a single valve and inflate the entire kite all at once.

The supplied leash pump and threaded valve connection keeps your kite under control even when pumping up directly in the wind.

Once the kite is pumped you can choose to clip off, or isolate the air contained in the struts.

At the end of the session you can choose to deflate your kite completely by disengaging the strut air clips, or you can keep your struts inflated and put your kite away rolled up so that the next session will take just minutes to set up.

IDS – Intelligent Depower System

The Intelligent Depower System (IDS) provides an amazing level of control with minimum rider effort and input.

IDS is a simplified bridle and control system and produces virtually no bar pressure making the control and steering of your kite much easier and safer. IDS provides 2 stages of depower. Interactive Depower on Demand while riding, and an Absolute Depower method to land your kite. Absolute Depower functions similar to a 5th line system, but without the disadvantages of a 5 line kite. IDS equipped kites use only 4 lines which makes the bar simple and uncluttered. Additionally, the IDS bridle maintains all of the instant relaunch functionality the Cabrinha kites are famous for.


1. Saftey
2. Simplicity
3. Self Landing
4. Depower


5th line function with only 4 lines
Depower on Demand: 1st Stage of Depower
Absolute depower for landing the kite: 2nd Stage of Depower
Improved, direct steering. No pulleys on control bar.
Instant Relaunch


You can depower on demand by pushing the control bar toward the kite.


Let go of the bar

To activate absolute depower: Push the main quick release in the direction of the kite.

Push the quick release and release the bar. Absolute depower is a method of self landing your kite.

The kite will flag it self, releasing the residual power.

Pull on the centre lines and walk toward your kite.

What is a bow kite ?

Pro Span Extreme is the latest arc kites with a flatter span.

Bow kites, like C- kites are leading edge inflatable kites,but bow kites have a bridle on the leading edge. They can be identified by a flat, swept-back profile and concave trailing edge allowing the kite greater depower.

Bow kites have a wider wind range than C-kites, so two kite sizes (such 7m² and 10m²) could form an effective quiver for winds ranging from 10 to 30+ knots for a rider of 70- 8okg. This makes bow kites more suitable for beginners, however, they are also used by professionals.

Bow kites are safer than C-kites becuase the bigger de-power. The kites almost have a 100% depower which make the kite handle gusts better. Bow kites are also used by kite surfers for wave riding. Bow kites have a much flatter span than the C-kites and this will improve the kite in terms of raw power, efficiency, wind range, turning speed, handling,and most importantly de-power….

A smaller bow kite will give you the same power as a much bigger conventional C-kite.

Less is more


* Greater lifting capacity
* More power for its size
* Increased efficiency
* Flatter arc
* Bigger wind range
* Safer