How many lessons do you need to get on the board?

How many lessons or hours it will take until you can kite surf is up to the individual. Some people can learn in 3- 4 lessons, and some need a bit more time to get into it. Most important thing is to get lessons from a experienced instructor.

You will need to master some basics before you move to the next stage.

1st Step – Flying the Kite: R700 per Student

An introduction to Kite Surfing covering weather, rigging and safety points Learn to fly 2 line and 4 line kites on the beach.

Lessons must be booked in advance

No more than 2 persons per instructor

2nd Step – Basic Body Drag: R700 per person

Putting all the skills learnt on the beach into practice

In this fun filled session you will learn to body drag

You will be experiencing the thrill and power of the kite and being pulled through the water by the kite

Lessons must be booked in advance

2 persons per instructor

3rd Step  – Advanced Body Drag: R700 per person

Perfecting your body drag and getting you ready for board handling, on hand piloting and change of direction, board recovery and water starting.

Lessons must be booked in advance

4th Lesson – Getting on the Board: R2800 per person

Priority rules. Who has right of way how to generate constant power with the kite edging and holding and edge.

Switching direction

These lessons will take place in Langebaan and will take most of the day

Lessons must be booked in advance

Advanced lessons – Jumping R800 per person

Up to 2 persons per session.

Learn to jump or jump higher.

2 Hour fun filled session to help you starting to jump or taking your jumping to the next level.

Advanced lessons – Wave riding on a directional R800 per person

Up to 2 persons per session.

Learn to Ride waves or take your wave riding to the next level.

2 Hour fun filled session.

Please Note:

Lesson to be paid in full on booking and is non refundable

Lessons could be postponed due to unfavourable weather