Spring Holiday Club for kids

Spring Beach Holiday Club

Spring holidays is around the corner and it can be great to have the kids at home, but it can also be a challenge to keep them entertained in a healthy way ,instead of watching television or playing computer games.


Atlantic Surf will be hosting a spring beach holiday club in the October holidays, teaching children about surfing and introducing them to the beach culture, while you Advertare at work.


The camp is for children from the ages of 6-14

  1. Beginners

We will teach them the basics of surfing/body boarding while having fun on the beach and in the water. The crew has great passion and experience to entertain your children.


  1. Intermediate Surfers

We also cater for the child who is currently surfing at the back line and catching clean waves. This group will be part of the club, and will be joining in with some of the activities but they will be doing more advanced surfing.



Monday 5 October – 8 October 2015


Times:             9 am – 1 pm

Where:           Big Bay

Ages:                         6 – 14 years

Cost per child
1 DAY   200
2 DAYS   360
3 DAYS   500
4 DAYS   600
Package rates:(only apply when pre-Booked and paid)


Equipment rentals:

We do rent equipment to children who don’t have their own. Feel free to contact me or look at our Atlantic Surf co Website for more info.


Planned activities:

Surfing/ Body boarding.

Swimming in rock pools

Beach games

Short hikes

And lots more….


Please feel free to contact us if you need more info.


Anton Fourie

Cell                            0832842422