Winter Beach holiday club


Winter Beach holiday club

Atlantic Surf will be hosting 2 winter beach holiday club in the winter holidays to teach your kids about surfing and the beach culture while you are at work. The camp is for kids from the ages of 6-14 and they have a lot of fun while learning to surf and to enjoy the beach lifestyle. We will be catering for the total beginner kids as well as the more advanced kids who want to take the next step in there surfing/Body boarding.


Intermediate Surfers

What do we see as intermediate surfers? This is a kid who is surfing at the back line already and is catching clean waves.

These kids will be part of the camp but they will be surfing at the back line with a crew member. They could also be introduced to other spots next to Big Bay.

Please contact me if you need more info about this


Dates  :

First camp                Monday 29 June to Friday 3rd of July

Second camp            Monday 13 July to Friday 17 of July


Times : 9 am – 1 Pm

Where: Big Bay

Ages  : 6 – 14 years


Cost :

1 Day             R180  per day

Package deals:

4 Days           R600

5 Days           R750

6 Days           R850


Package deal prices only valid if pre booked and pre paid and kids with their own equipment.
We do offer rental equipment for kids if you don’t have your own.


We will be there for a total of 10 days but kids can join for any number of days.


Equipment rentals:

Surfboard                             R50 per session

Body Board                          R40 per session

Flippers Wetsuits                  R20 per session


What to bring?

Own well fitting full warm wetsuit. NO SHORTIES please.

Own surf / Body board,


Please feel free to contact us if you need more info.